America Is Alive & Well & Living In Our Souls

The Narration & Video by Ann M. Wolf

Video Description: Haunting orchestrations & bold words echo the hearts of Americans who know how close to the edge of losing Liberty our nation could be during these treacherous times. But Ann’s message is one of hope because, for millions of us, our values are deeply embedded in our hearts & souls; and like our Statue of Liberty, we can each carry the torch in our own unique way as we keep the vision for our Republic Alive within us. This video is offered with love & respect, from Ann M. Wolf, in honor of all those who have stood for Liberty and who work & pray ceaselessly today, on behalf of our Nation and it’s citizens.

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A few highlights from the narration script

From the narration script: 

“I stand for that Liberty by which I can choose accomplishment over despondency and vision over despair; I give all glory and thanksgiving to God, the originator of Mercy and by Who’s Grace, we have seen this grand experiment called “America,” unfold.” 

“America is indeed a Vision and one unable to be held captive by any enemy, foreign or domestic, because the Vision for “America born in Liberty,” was God-inspired & is God-Given.” 

“Let us not allow ourselves to slip into the dreamland of impossible social utopias since spiritual growth and accomplishment are still a matter of individual choice, often coupled with the application of sustained hard work, yet all stemming from the personal character.”

 Excerpt from, “America Is Alive & Well & Living in our Souls,” by Ann M. Wolf, © 2012, BMI

Opening soundtracks By Tracy Collins & additional soundtrack contributions by Mark Emery:

Note from Ann M. Wolf

About this narration…

Dearest American Patriots & Lovers of Liberty from around the world;

Many have asked me how I could actually state that “America Is Alive & Well” during these perilous times when so many wish to replace the options of Liberty with the false promises of socialism or some other form of “rule.” I say, that as long as we have breath, we can affirm, we can celebrate, we can live on foundation of freedom, remembering the lessons already learned by those who established this nation and have since defended it; and no-one can take that vision from us any more that they could rip God from our hearts.

So, in the spirit of gratitude we continue to speak the value of Liberty, to honor those who have obtained it and defended it; and each in our own way we can become the living embodiment of a life lived well under the opportunity and grace which we still have.

Be encouraged; and keep your eyes more on the Lighthouse than the storm. I am with you in heart and spirit.

Your servant in Liberty and in Christ,

Ann M. Wolf

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Listener Remarks

“You did an outstanding video and I want my friends to share in it. :)”

“EXCELLENT – These are my exact sentiments. I love this well written document, delivery, music and the essence of love for GOD and country. THANKS for NOT allowing darkness (hatred, anger, propaganda, etc.) to speak; but letting the Light Shine (Truth).”

“An important video from Ann Wolf who’s a master at assembling words, images and music into wonderful messages!! Powerful message and my thanks to Ann for coming on The BTS Radio Show!!!”

“Very good; very well said & outstanding video!”

Jerry wrote:

“Sister…What an awesome video and your words are perfect. Great job sis. God bless you. Hope to get to know you better; Jerry”

Susan wrote:

“Ann, ALL I say is WOW this video is so POWERFULLY ANOINTED thank you and God Bless!!!!”

Video Script

Many fear that the unique vision that is America with its Liberty, its human rights, and privileges is in danger while a growing number of others are beginning to wonder if America is already finished due to radical changes erupting throughout our government and culture. Many say that as citizens we are hopelessly and irreconcilably at cross-purposes with one another at this point in time, no longer sharing a common set of principles and values. In spite of these challenges, I say that America is indeed a vision and one unable to be held captive by any enemy foreign or domestic because the vision for America born in Liberty, was God inspired and is God-given.

America came forth as a seed planted within the hearts of early citizens, in particular our Founding Fathers who first sought God on bended knee for wisdom and then received insights. These inspirations were subsequently recorded becoming our unique Constitution and Bill of Rights. Were their thoughts merely ideas of man? In part yes, but via persons whose souls sought God.

So, though the news of strife and division today as well as the events of certain periods of our young history have worn us weary at times, I say that the same vision of America is still alive and well and living within those who know the true story of our country’s inception. We must remember and understand as well, the price in blood and sacrifice that has been paid and is continuing to be paid to gain and sustain the liberties and values here within the boundaries of our nation as well as for the cause of freedom throughout the world.

Therefore, I do not accept or receive any ill-begotten word or view that our Constitutionally-based America, with God at the helm, is null and void, though many challenge its disciplines. I declare that because the vision that is America lives within our history, it also thrives in our hearts today even if some have tried to rewrite that history. I maintain that America and what it truly constitutes, abides in our souls even if a spirit of deception seeks to convolute, modify, or eradicate our understanding of those founding principles in favor of leveling all the playing fields of life via extremist governments or religious controls which promise convenience but in the end only leave us the fruits of propaganda-driven ideology rather than the Freedom to pursue a relationship with God as led by His Spirit.

Yes, the vision for America is alive and well and living within millions of citizens here in our country as well as in the hearts of lovers of Liberty throughout the world regardless of the challenges we face because God is who planted the vision within our founding fathers and He is the source of true inspiration for any of us; and God is alive and well via the same Spirit within all of those who live by His leading. God cannot be undone and His kingdom, though not of this world remains for each of us to seek and experience no matter the conditions around us.

With regard to our current challenges, I believe that since God was the source of the original inspiration behind the birth of our Nation, God remains the source of wisdom needed to bring resolution to our present condition. But, do we seek Him? Some citizens still do. So, among those who do, let us offer our wholehearted support that we might become a source of inspiration to others. Let us encourage one another to remain focused on the Spirit of God throughout all the seasons and challenges of life but especially during treacherous times when the enticement to hate or to collapse into despair is ever lurking; and as we hold to Liberty we must consider, that without it there can be no free discussion about God or spirituality of which can prepare us to return good for evil. Without Liberty we are left with the great god of inflated government or religious extremism seeking to be a conscience for us which always ends as a poor substitute for authentic spirituality, too often managed and mandated by harsh and inhumane laws.

So, the pure, hard-won vision of Liberty which America holds, is essential for all related values and charities to continue, not only here in America, but also via the limitless ways that the world has benefited from our outreach programs and by the very beacon of hope and liberty that America sends out to billions of people.

I realize that we have not been a perfect society over the decades and have fought bitterly at times within our borders to rectify certain wrongs with respect to freedom or equal rights. But, evil and oppression have been defeated more often than not, allowing more and more people to be brought into the circle of Liberty over time. So, let us not reverse that trend toward Freedom should we become complacent in the face of our challenges or should we fail to teach our young the true story of our nation as well as the value of Freedom.

As for the strife we see about us, let us keep our eyes on the Lighthouse more than on the storms raging around us. Let us not become weary in well doing or confused about our core values. Let us not allow ourselves to slip into the dreamland of impossible social utopias since spiritual growth and accomplishment are still a matter of individual choice often coupled with the application of sustained hard work yet all stemming from personal character. And in response to our deep and growing concern about the developing division in our society, let us not fall to the temptations offered by any spirit of darkness or self-righteousness and thus be lured into contempt for others. Let us continue to teach the truth in love as the Apostle taught us in scriptures. To nourish ourselves, let us continue to look into the archives of our history and draw strength and inspiration from those such as Martin Luther King Jr. in his “I have a dream” speech. “In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”

Therefore my friends I stand for that Liberty by which I can choose accomplishment over despondency and vision over despair. I give all glory and thanksgiving to God, the originator of Mercy and by whose Grace we have seen this grand experiment called America unfold. Join me today in a commitment to rediscover the Tenets of Liberty articulated within our precious National Documents; and hear with me again, great words of wisdom and counsel from those inspiring leaders who have walked before us. Let us gain our food for life from the heavenlies and from those inspired by Grace. Let us remember, embrace, and engrave upon our souls the slogan, “In God We Trust,” knowing that by belief we start on the quest for wisdom as individuals and by belief, our Founding Fathers received and transmitted the vision for our Nation. Let us remember always, that it is by faith we receive what we need from our Heavenly Father to finish the magnificent journey of the soul, that is the journey of our own soul as well as the soul of our Nation. God bless and keep you in his Mercy and Grace, and God Bless America.

 “America Is Alive & Well & Living in our Souls,” by Ann M. Wolf, © 2012 – BMI

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