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Spirit of Veteran’s Day

Today & every day!

“Continuing the Spirit of Veteran’s Day All Year Long”: Though this brief Video was originally posted on social media following Veteran’s Day in 2016, Ann M. Wolf is re-releasing it on YouTube once again as part of her collection of selections in support of our military & 1st-responders. She wishes to encourage folks to become a part of area civic groups or events in support of those who serve in harm’s way. Ann also sends her best regards to those already involved in offering their support.

Heartbreak Highway

The Final Ride, honoring Fallen Police & Officer Kenny Moats

VIDEO OPENING: Feel the Thunder under your skin as Ann shares her experiences from a motorcycle, riding along with hundreds of other bikers & law enforcement, as part of the Final Escort of Fallen Officer, Kenny Moats, killed in the line of duty. August 25, 2016 in Maryville, TN. She shares special moments, moving slowly down that “Heartbreak Highway,” with thousands standing by the roadside in solemn respect.

FINAL MINUTES – Hear Music in your Soul, as Ann sings her stirring Rock Anthem, “One Love.” dedicated to all of our Fallen, the lyrics speaking of the divine source of all Love. By sharing this song, Ann hopes to bring a measure of comfort to those grieving the loss of their heroes.

Heartbreak Highway – The Last Ride

ANN’ WORDS (From the Video) – Here are the words, in case they are hard to distinguish over the roar of the motorcycles which you hear in the video:

“This is Ann Wolf; and I am here at the Life Event Center parking lot in Maryville, TN, where we are about to embark on the final procession, escorting Officer Moats who was killed in action (Killed in the line of duty) last week. We are escorting him to his final resting place. There is a great showing of Patriots; and hear …this is the sound of the thunder of great patriotism and love, love for this Officer and his family, love for our Country, love for all of those who put themselves in harm’s way. I am with Chaplain Bud Queen, a Vietnam Veteran; and I have the privilege of riding with him today. You’ll notice there are many, many different patches; but today….nothing matters except …Honor & Remember.”

KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY – NOTE: Ann shares about her use of the term, “Killed in Action.”: “Well, in watching the film clips after the Ride, I realized that I had mis-spoken by saying that Officer Moats had been Killed in Action, when with Law Enforcement, I believe the term is “Killed in the Line of Duty.” Since in live events there are no retakes on the vocal, let me just say that the term just popped out of my mouth as per what an Army Wife would say, which I am. Also, I do a lot of KIA Ceremonies as well, so that is close to my heart as part of the work which needs to be done to instill in others an understanding of the Price of Freedom. But since I am on the topic of serving in harm’s way, our Police Officers are in great danger every day; and so it is my desire to always do everything within my ability to impart the value of the sacrifices of both our Military and First-Responders, as well as offer support to their families.” Ann M. Wolf

Courage Under Fire

But who is firing?

Courage Under Fire; but who is firing? Video Blog with Ann M. Wolf in honor of those who serve & protect as they face new dangers. Remembrance given to Police Officer Ashley Guindon (at the conclusion of the video blog) who recently perished in the line of duty while serving on the first tour of her career. This commentary also touches on the importance of offering our ongoing support to our military, 1st-responders & their families, while we serving in our communities in unity together.

Courage Under Fire, But Who is Firing?

Courage Under FireRecently it has become popular in certain crowds, to mock, to show disdain for our military & first-responders.  Some law-enforcement are now being murdered on the job, having been tried and executed for what certain individuals or groups have deemed to be the crime of just being a cop or firefighter. Other deployed members of the military are being prosecuted for stepping in to defend civilians in war zones or God-forbid, that they defend their own team members from hostiles in the heat of battle. In spite of much evidence to the contrary, these critics of our public servants evidently assume that their “good intentions” or their desire to sit down and chat and “have Tea with Mussolini” (so to speak), should somehow be enough outmaneuver those who wish to harm us.

Meanwhile, none of us are spared from having to endure the irony arising out of these “protests” since many of the very idealists who wage complaints, also count on those with guns to “protect & save them” when the chips are down, if their area is under siege, or if they have to move through a danger zone, thereby needing law enforcement to escort them about our American cities. We have also heard reports of others who travel in armored cars with gun-packing agents surrounding them, protecting them so they can arrive safely to their destinations where they stand up and make speeches about how our world would be safer once the populace has become disarmed…

First-ResponderWould I prefer to live in a world where love is so strong that it overcomes evil, where the lion has already “laid down with the lamb,” thus eliminating the need for “protection?” Absolutely! In spite of our good intentions & prayers, are we “there yet” in our nation & world? No! There is no getting away from the reality, that we share this planet with millions who have no regard for human life outside their own realm, their own culture; hence, we have those in the military & law enforcement who are willing to be our shield.

Meanwhile….one of the most amazing things of all, is that the ones who serve, do so impartially, regardless of this hypocrisy. When we say, “Courage Under Fire,” we now have to ask, “Who Is Firing?”… Every person facing a tour of duty knows that there are risks with their job; but today, extra prayers are needed to cover them as they face a new dangers, whether military or first-responder. Some of these dangers actually originate out of the circles of the very ones they are sent to serve; and as for our military, how can they do their job properly when they face prosecution for their acts of valor.

How tragic this is; and what a waste & mis-appropriation of energy, to exercise hostility against those who stand in harm’s way on our behalf. What “influence” could possibly be preying on those who have succumbed to such manipulation of thought, deed or intention?

I & millions of others, pray for a time when the sacrifice of our military & law-enforcement will no longer be needed; however, this is not the reality of the world we live in and so to these who have our back & to their families, we owe you a debt of gratitude and respect that should be reflected in our actions, our support, our community service, and in the way we teach the value of our Constitution and Bill of Rights to our young so they can discern the voices that would attempt to deceive & engage them in the destruction of their own legacy of Freedom. We can scrutinize fairly, our candidates & work to preserve our rights in the manner that we vote. We can choose who we listen to for our entertainment; and in offering our hand of fellowship to those who have our back, we can work working in Unity with one another. We can work on the development of our own character instead of seeking fault in others. We can get past petty difference and keep the big picture in mind. We can  reflect on the timeless words of JFK, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

God Bless & Keep you in His Mercy & Grace. God Bless & Keep America as America, the land of the Free & the Home of the Brave. Until next time….

By Ann M. Wolf – c 2016 – BMI – All rights reserved.


At Native American Pow Wow

BLOG SUMMARY: Following brief comments by songwriter & recording artist Ann M. Wolf, see video & photo excerpts from this special event featuring drummers, dancers & other participants; also hear a portion of Ann’s tribute song to Native American spirituality & culture, “What Will We Leave For the 7th Generation?” as a background soundtrack to the display of her photo gallery from this Pow Wow.

CREDITS: This event was coordinated by the beautiful ladies, Carol Cash, Linda Veal with the support of many other amazing volunteers. Bert Cox (Iron Turtle) was the inspiring MC. Image of Bert in this Video is by photographer Pamela Adkins Pry.

POW/MIA/KIA CEREMONY: Ann M. Wolf narrated the “Soldier’s Cross” & “Missing Man Table” Ceremonies during the Veterans portion of the program. (That ceremony can be viewed on a separate video “Pow Wow Veterans Honors – Soldier’s Cross & POW/MIA Table” with Ann M. Wolf. Her guests at the Table Ceremony included Patriot Sue Dauber (East TN) & Larry Montoya, a Nam Era Vet & member of the Hopi Nation who contributed important comments to Ann’s Code Talkers Tribute Video “Never Broken.” You can find both of these videos on her YouTube Channel, as well as “What Will We Leave for the 7th Generation,” full video.)

WATCH: “Soldier’s Cross Ceremony”

WATCH: “Missing Man Table Ceremony”

Music Video

Our courage uder fire, but holding strong

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