First Allegiance to God, Country & Constitution

Before and Above Politics

Luke 21:19 King James Version (KJV) “In your patience possess ye your souls.”

About Allegiance…

A Note from Ann M. Wolf

Thank you for visiting this Page where the message I share is one of allegiance to God, Country, and Constitution before such loyalty is given to political parties. I also wish to inspire a sense of Unity here in America based on our Common Tenants of Freedom and also on the Hope of what we can still achieve together in the way of innovation, charity, and prosperity of mind, body, and spirit if we focus more on the Lighthouse than the Storm. We are not yet a perfect society, but if each of us thinks more about what we can contribute then what we are disappointed in, we will move forward as a nation and walk more fully in what Freedom can bring us. We can also learn how to exchange ideas and really listen to one another, seeking the good when possible, without hatred and with great humility.

Free To Think Clearly: It is imperative that we not only come to understand “The Principles & Price of Freedom,” but we as individuals must also learn to discern between politics and propaganda while always appreciating meaning & value of what opportunity we have in this Great Republic. This also involves developing and maintaining a basic knowledge of our History, Constitution & the operations of our Government.

In the process of preparing to vote or in the exercise of our other civic duties, we do have to seek knowledge from a variety of sources (whose allegiance is to God, Country, and Constitution first) and we do not have to automatically accept the narratives of any political group or news agency that we have become accustomed to. We do not have to vote any party line based on the habits of our friends and relatives, a culture that we may have inherited but one which we may find ourselves outgrowing following exposure to facts untainted by any agenda other than that which supports our Constitution.

Learning to be wise and vigilant: Therefore, we can research, think, and question. We can use the hard-won freedom we have been afforded by the sacrifice of millions of Patriots to make “educated” decisions and develop a sense of discernment that goes beyond blind loyalty just for loyalty’ sake. This is important because parties change and sometimes they represent an influence which can cause us to deviate from our Core Constitutional Principles. The same holds true with religion. Should we give blind allegiance to a religious denomination simply because we were born into that culture? Or should we give our allegiance first to God and secure our understanding of that relationship and then consider where we might want to gather with other believers?

Indeed, during these most precarious times in our Nation, we must draw upon the wisdom of the heavenlies and hold close to the Love that the Master Jesus taught us. We must become vessels of Mercy while holding to Grace. We must offer ourselves in service to one another and Pray without ceasing that we find our way through any darkness that would cloud our vision and cause us to stray from our soul’s mission; and I pray that each of us in the United States of America will rise up in compassion and dignity and use our Freedom here in America as God intended.

God Bless You & Keep You In His Mercy & Grace.

Sincerely, Ann M. Wolf” © 2017

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