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About Social Media Censorship

Ann’s Response

Social Media Censorship of Conservatives & Christians is on the rise. As an artist who offers support to all people, nations, and cultures, I reach across political and denominational lines with my creative work. However, I do support our Constitution and Bill of Rights as it stands and I do promote equal rights for people of all faiths. Sadly, every belief but Christianity is given a pass and posting anything on the Second Amendment, for instance, will instantly provoke social media censorship on most platforms these days.

A Bio Story? Yes, the video & song tell my story of how “the algorithms” found me. Since that first time when I posted my Soldier’s Cross Ceremony Video, the social media censorship has been constant. My content is restricted from the news to all but a few on a regular basis and my features are shut off frequently, for “failing to meet community standards,” or so they say.

Who are “they?” From what I hear, those named, “they,” are the little admins behind the curtain at OZ on these various social media platforms, who hide as cowards while they exercise their unfortunate state of mind. What they clearly do not recognize as they allow themselves to be used as pawns in this grand attempt to snuff liberty from the planet, is that ultimately, “they” are serving to compromise their own liberty and safety in the process of their very abuses of power and position. But such is the constant struggle of Liberty against oppression.

What is my crime? I promote understanding of our Bill of Rights & speak reverently about those who serve in harm’s way. I always refer everyone to God as the source of wisdom, peace, strength, and vision. Go figure.

Newsletter Option: I have spread out and created a profile on many new social media platforms which claim to not censor or shadowban. Who knows? We’ll see…Right? But in addition, I have started a newsletter that uses email to communicate. That being said, from what I hear, standard email platforms are also censoring and blocking mail, so I will likely have to research a private group that will stop stuffing my emails into people’s spam even though the receivers confirmed their request to be on my mailing list. So, if you think you are not getting my mail, contact me.

Thank you! I appreciate your visit here and your shares on social media since my communications and posts are often subject to social media censorship. Meanwhile, if you want to get notifications on new content, Sign Up for my Free Newsletter. By the way, you will receive a complimentary download of music with your confirmed subscription. God Bless you and keep you in His Grace.

Social Media Jailhouse Blues Lyrics

“Social Media Jailhouse Blues” Song & Video

Social Media Jail House Blues

Verse One:

Someone lit a fire and burned my Flag

& shared it so all could see

And so I posted my Soldier’s Cross, to speak of

The price paid for my Liberty.


For this, they found me and charged me

Gave no trial with no jury

I got my sentence for being “unfit”

I’m singin’ the Social Media Jailhouse Blues

Verse Two:

I posted my portrait

The admins liked it

Cause suddenly all my friends got my news

But then I shared one about my gun rights

They locked it outta my feed

So I’d get no views


For this they hound me and they watch me

While hiding behind the curtain at Oz

Free speech is only free to those whom they choose

I’m singin’ the Social Media Jailhouse Blues

Instrumental Break with the reading of the 1st Amendment

You know…Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


So go ahead & charge me

Cause for lovin’ my Bill of Rights, I stand guilty

And there are millions more

Who will never be silenced

And we will gladly sing the Jail House Blues

Standin’ on Freedom, sing the Jail House Blues

Yes, we’ll be singin’ the Social Media Jail House Blues.

A Voice for Freedom Album

“Social Media Jailhouse Blues” Video

Voice for Freedom in support of Bill of Rights

A Voice for Freedom


13 Tracks of Pure Inspiration, Drive & Power!

Description: “A Voice for Freedom,” is focused on 2 kinds of Freedom, of Soul via our relationship with God while Liberty of Life is due to the sacrifices of those who serve in harm’s way.

Music Genres: Blues, AC, Alternative, Heartland & Rock Anthems.

This album is now available to download from CD Baby, iTunes & Amazon and the CD (Compact Disc) will be available this Spring.

Preview Tracks

Ann M. Wolf with Flag