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Life brings challenges…

We all face something; what is your challenge?






Illness & Injury

Sudden life changes

Loss of loved ones


Inspired Music & Words

Offering support & comfort
through the changes life brings.

Life brings celebrations & blessings…

Family & friends, time with God, new directions; what moves you?

Relaxing & Re-grouping

Special Life Events

Communion & Prayer

Healing & Recovery

Praise, Thanksgiving & Worship

Honoring & Remembering

Finding & Celebrating our Spiritual Identity

Healing Music

Rock your soul with a message of redemption & hope


Description: Ann M. Wolf delivers inspiration for the road you travel, driving the message of healing & hope into the heart. Singing Biker Blues, Southern Rock, Reggae, plus Spiritual Classics & AC with a Rock-Anthem Twist, “Redemption” the Soul-Experience, is not just for some but for everyone. This album is ideal for personal inspiration as well as group gatherings. Read more.


“A Patriot’s Heart, In God We Trust” 

“Caught Up In His Love”

Description: The Joy of Jazz, the Power of Blues, and a celebration of timeless inspirational melodies; this blend of originals and classics offers a fresh perspective on the spiritual journey. Read more for additional artist notes, links to videos, and to read lyrics.

“Blessed Are The Ones”

Description: Moving songs, soaring instrumentation, powerful messages honoring those who love, serve and inspire us; celebrating God as first in our lives & culminating with an unforgettable Medley of America the Beautiful, My Country Tis of Thee, God Bless America!​ Read more for additional artist notes, links to videos, and to read lyrics.

“Remember Me”

Description: Special songs celebrating the Mercy & Grace of God, for your personal or group time in the Spirit; perfect for meditation, prayer, communion & other spiritual ceremonies. Read more for additional artist notes, links to videos, and to read lyrics.

A Voice for Freedom

Newest Album Release…

Description: With 13 Tracks of Pure Inspiration, Drive & Power, “A Voice for Freedom,” is focused on 2 kinds of Freedom: Of Soul via our relationship with God & Liberty of Life due to the sacrifices of those who serve in harm’s way. Genres include Blues, AC, Alternative, Heartland & Rock Anthems. Scroll to read the lyrics & song notes for each track on this album. Learn more.

Healing Music Videos

That tell the story of recovery & hope

Abide With Me: Rock Anthem version of this beloved classic hymn takes us through a view of today’s challenges but leaves us with peace and hope for redemption.

Thank You for Praying for Me: Soft and melodic reminder of the power of prayer for one another.

Tears Just Make a River: Bluesy & sultry musical storyline of recovery from co-dependency & domestic abuse.

Johnny’s Poem: Story of one Vietnam Vets’ experiences and his journey to healing.

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Garry Johnston Profile

“There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t listen to one of your songs or look at new postings on your social media. It lifts me up to get through any day. You are my minister every single day of my life. Even when I’m in the hospital, you are at my side; even the nurses love your music. Thank you, my friend.”

Now enters Ann M. Wolf, who is a songwriter, musician, singer, Chaplain, married to an Army Vet and a big supporter of all things military. She is very focused on those with PTSD and gives her time to help. I went to her music & video library website and was blown away. ”

Thanks for the beautiful songs and tears of joy I’m having right now. Your Ministry is amazing!! God bless you sister!!♥”

Your singing is a God-send. When I heard you sing, Ann, it made me cry; that is music that connects with people when you strike the heart :)”

Thank you for sharing Ann’s Music & Videos with your people!