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About my Social Media Platform Options Page:

By now you have probably seen the little icons on all my websites that can take you to the standard social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. However, in response to requests for information regarding other places where my profile has been set up, you can go to Facebook Pages & Groups or this page which lists alternative platforms, most of which claim to not censor. We will see…right?

About censoring of my content: My song and video, “Social Media Jailhouse Blues,” tells some of my story with regard to the shadow banning and the restrictions I have been subjected to. It is hard to say what leads to this where my work is concerned, since I advocate love, compassionate action, and unity and do not endorse one religion over another. As for politics and government, rather than endorse political candidates, I simply encourage folks to get to know those running for office (their background, voting record, financial supporters, etc.) and to vote as part of their civic duty, a rather benign position I would think. Yet, I still find myself among those being stalked by the algorithms put in place by administrators of certain social media platforms. For instance, my “Soldier’s Cross/Battlefield Cross Ceremony/Video” was removed from Facebook for a time because one or more of the admins determined that “it did not meet community standards.” The video was even removed from the pages of those who shared it. Go figure.

As another example of censoring, Facebook withholds some of my content from the general news feed and reports are that maybe a fraction of my nearly 5000 friends & 1300+ additional followers ever even know I have posted anything unless they manually visit my page.

Could it be that the intent of Facebook (as well as other related companies) is to sculpt or control the thinking of others or the social narrative by creating obstacles to communication, thereby limiting the influence of people who have motives or opinions different from theirs? If this is true, it would be very sad because once free thought, civil discourse, and history are altered by controlling groups, society can start to become captive under only one narrative, losing even the understanding of the Value and Price of Liberty. Read more.

Hence, to increase communication options, I have started a list of additional social media platform links here. Feel free to let me know of other media options where we can still experience freedom of expression under the Bill of Rights. I will be adding to this list as time goes by, so you can check in from time to time to see what is new. You are also welcome to Sign Up for my Free Newsletter to receive notifications regarding new content.

Thank you again for dropping by!

Sincerely, Ann

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