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Be a Partner in Hope

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Be a Partner in Hope
Song, "If you were with me," by Ann M. Wolf, From "A Voice for Freedom," album - Miss You

Simple ways to partner

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By God’s Mercy and Grace: Many folks ask me how I fund my recordings and donated appearances. As an independent artist and author, I have worked in partnership with private donors and patrons of the spiritual & patriotic arts in the creation and production of my songs, CDs, and videos. These are then made available to the public for the purposes of education, encouragement, and inspiration. From the studio, these projects are funneled through social media & streaming platforms as well as retail outlets. Some of the studio, travel, and promotion costs are covered with sponsorship. Other costs are managed through the sale of music & merch, honorariums and speaker’s fees earned at paid events.

My partner in music arrangements: For the last several decades, I have been most fortunate to have the magnificent and affordable services of my long-time friend and producer, Tracy Collins.  With his versatility and exquisite taste, he has really “given my songs wings,” as I like to say, with his masterful ability in the studio.

Touring & Website Expenses: Some of my appearances are funded by organizations holding events. However, much time is also donated to public programs that honor our veterans, 1st-responders & their families. Other projects focus on the creation of inspirational online resources that can be accessed free of charge and which offer comfort & support to others.

Voice for Freedom: So, when you partner with me through your prayers, purchases, bookings, or contributions, you are a Voice for Freedom right along with me. To read more about the overall mission and vision, go to the Home Page here at the Music and Video Library. You can also visit my EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to scroll to read comments.

PayPal: For your convenience, there is a PayPal button on this page for one time or monthly partner donations. If you are interested in purchasing music, go to my store and you will be routed to my providers for sales and shipping.

Booking a personal appearance: Here is where you can read more about my programs on a wide variety of topics and themes.

Thank you for your belief in Liberty and God be with us all as we work together in the preservation of Freedom and in bringing comfort and encouragement to those who need our support today.

Purchase Ann’s CDs, Albums, Books & Merch: Though Ann offers many songs on social media and YouTube for public listening, it is also greatly appreciated when folks reach beyond “free listening sources” to support the work with purchases of the albums, tracks, and merch. Net proceeds help cover the costs associated with Ann’s Voice for Freedom outreach which includes her donated services & appearances.

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Social Media: Your “Shares” and “Likes” of songs, posts, and pages is always very helpful in getting the word out about this form of spiritual artistry, and very much appreciated. Telling others how you feel about this work is a great way of being a partner!

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Internet Streaming: There are more and more reports of Ann’s songs being played on streaming channels these days. So, thank you for suggesting her music to the admins of your internet listening stations. Some online broadcasting sites such as Spotify do pay the artist a penny or so a play.

Stream to your meeting: You can also stream Ann’s music & spoken word songs and videos direct to your meeting.

Watch YouTube Videos on YouTube: It is also helpful to watch Ann’s videos online since the views contribute to her overall rating and public accessibility to her works in search engines. Though some folks use software to download videos to their devices, the old-fashioned way of watching online is the most helpful.

Learn more about Ann’s international streaming options.

Live Appearances: Ann does travel outside her region and even overseas as her production and ministry schedule allows. Ann will partner with you in driving your mission and vision home to the heart with one of her stirring and memorable ceremonies or presentations.

Learn more about having Ann at your event.

Regarding Non-Profit Status: Currently, Ann M. Wolf does not have a 501C3 non-profit branch of her activities at this time since there are considerable costs associated with forming a Non-Profit. Accomplishing this remains on her prayer list.

Do you need a tax deduction for your contribution? For those of you who need a tax deduction for your contribution, some of what we offer in the way of products and services could be considered a deduction if you own a business, a counseling center, or if you facilitate a ministry of some kind. Please see your accountant or the IRS website for additional details regarding legal tax deductions that you or your organization may be eligible for. Thank you for your interest, your faithfulness, and love.

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Be a Partner in Prayer

On these we agree

“Freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8 (KJV)

Love Makes It All Possible:

Voice for Freedom: Your prayers are gratefully received for the continuation of Ann’s Voice for Freedom public education and inspiration efforts.

MOTL Online Library: Also keep in prayer, the mission of the Message of the Lighthouse Online Library which provides Bible Study and Life-Application plans to ministers and individuals around the world. With places on the planet where Bibles are scarce or public worship is prohibited, MOTL Online Library offers study options and inspirational content anywhere that internet is available.

Be a Partner in Mission & Vision

Driven by the heart and soul

Ann shares these thoughts about what motivates her as an artist:

“There is nothing I will ever have that can repay God in Heaven for the Freedom I’ve received for my eternal soul. No words can even begin to express my appreciation for those who have served in harm’s way, safeguarding my Liberty & Safety. But, I hope to honor and remember all of these courageous souls, by offering back, whatever my Creator has given me, for as long as I am able and in the ways that The Spirit of the Lord is leading.”

She also says:

“I serve God and Country in remembrance of those whose sacrifice has given each of us the opportunity to acquire knowledge and pursue our God-given potential. Without Liberty, the souls of mankind see little of the Light of Day and are afforded few options. So, I pray that the works of my hands and the words from my voice will bring honor to God and to all, who, throughout time, have made this sacred heritage possible. My prayer remains, that we will resolve to work together in Unity as grateful citizens, to take responsibility for our individual part in what constitutes Freedom so that we may realize our potential as a nation while we keep the vision that is America alive.”

Be a partner in Spreading Kindness

Something any of us can do

Partner with Ann M. Wolf

Thank you for being my partner…

Thank you for visiting today! Thank you as well, for your interest in learning how to partner with this artistic “Voice for Freedom” outreach, where the Star of the show is God and the heroes are those who serve in harm’s way as well as others who are making a difference in the lives of others. We, as a team, also bring support and encouragement to folks who are enduring some of life’s greatest challenges. To learn more about the kinds of presentations I offer, please visit my Speaker/Programs page.

To read more about my bio and mission, you are welcome to visit the Home Page at this website or you will find more at my EPK site, throughout.

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